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Solanna is a full-service Design Firm specializing in luxurious contemporary residential projects. Solanna utilizes the latest in design technology to incorporate fine craftsmanship into every design. From initial design inspiration through Construction Administration, Solanna expertly guides each project to ensure a value-driven project that is unmatched in the world of High-End Residential Design.  



Solanna collaborates with a carefully selected team of professionals to offer high-end build services and includes the client through each phase of a design project to maintain the highest quality, accountability and attention to detail.


Our Process


Our projects start off with a preliminary schedule to provide an outline and milestone goals for the project team. The schedule is a great tool, but also is a living document which is updated and dispersed monthly to reflect the progress of the construction process. We use MS Project to layout the construction phasing and sequencing for our projects.

Budget Management

The Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) is a living document that becomes the project budget as it becomes more refined.  We provide monthly budget updates to providing the client with a transparent monitoring of the construction finances through-out the duration of the project.

Continued Bidding

Scope Development and bidding is an ongoing process to pace the project.

Quality Assurance

It is our experience that quality starts from the beginning and is an ongoing process; from the placement of the foundation to the polishing of that last fingerprint from the plated faucet before we introduce your new home. Everyone within our team is a quality assurance manager to insure a broader spectrum of coverage of our projects.   We encourage open feedback. Along with incorporating our standards within our scopes of work, we also provide ongoing training for our team members to teach them how to manage the trades to insure our level of quality is met.

Open Communication & Client Updates

We feel that open and fluid communication is key within the construction environment. Our project team has daily communication and weekly site meeting to review the project status and identify any delays, trade challenges, or quality issues. Monthly, we send out the project overview which includes: 1. Current project status and overview 2. Updated project schedule and budget. 3. Open “Requests for Information” (RFI)

Project Close-out

We will provide you with an Owner’s Manual for your home which will outline all service numbers, user manuals, floor plans noting key mechanical, electrical and plumbing items for the home, along with the recommended service outline. Our team will provide you with a white-glove home introduction and orientation where we walk you through all the different functions of the home.

After Care & Additional Client Services

The following services are available for our clients:
Moving, and furniture staging
Art, Wine, Auto, Yacht, and Private Aircraft Curation
Sommelier service, and Cellar Presentation
House Management Services
Home Service and Maintenance
Special accommodations and needs